Why Heartbeat Bills Are Not the Answer

This short video from the Babies Are Still Murdered Here documentary features an ultrasound technician discussing how easy it would be to get around heartbeat bills. Watch the entire documentary on Amazon Prime or on YouTube.

Why We Do What We Do

Living Waters has recently relaunched their Way of the Master television show.  Episode 3 of the 5th season is titled, “Standing Against Abortion,” and this clips helps explain why we do what we do when ministering and preaching the gospel at abortuaries. 

What is a First Trimester Abortion? (Abortion Pills)

One of the areas we serve is at our local murder mill, Planned “Parenthood.” This particular location provides first trimester pill abortions, administered via RU-486, which cuts off the food supply from the mother to the child. They are then given another pill to take at home, which induces labor symptoms, causing the mother to … [Read more…]