What is a First Trimester Abortion? (Abortion Pills)

One of the areas we serve is at our local murder mill, Planned “Parenthood.” This particular location provides first trimester pill abortions, administered via RU-486, which cuts off the food supply from the mother to the child. They are then given another pill to take at home, which induces labor symptoms, causing the mother to have contractions and force their now deceased child out.

Some may think this is a more “civil” way to have an abortion, as it does not involve a surgical procedure whereby the baby’s head is crushed and the body parts are vacuumed and scraped out of the womb. Some parents have also bought the lie that it isn’t really a baby in there this early, or there’s no way the child is going to feel any pain. But consider this: Imagine the mother or father of a 2 year old toddler decides they no longer want to raise their child. So they decide the best way to get rid of their child is to stop giving him/her food until they starve to death. Any sane person would be outraged that a parent could commit such and “unconscionable” act. But in reality, this is exactly what first trimester abortions, where the RU-486 pill is administered, are doing. And yet, under the protection of of Supreme Court law, we allow legal infanticide in our nation.

If there is an abortuary near you, please consider ministry work there, not only pleading with mom’s and dad’s to spare the lives of their children, but also to give them the true meaning of life, found only in Jesus Christ. Here is a video demonstrating what a first trimester pill abortion does.

(video courtesy AbortionProcedures.com)

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