2019 Super Bowl Outreach

The following is a video of various photos taken during the 2019 Super Bowl Outreach in Atlanta with Sports Fan Outreach International.  It was a wonderful time of worship, prayer, fellowship and evangelism. Although there were close to 100 who were a part of this outreach, the video primarily focuses on the team that I … [Read more…]

Jesus is Making All Things New – Bobby McCreery

This is a beautiful example of how to show grace and mercy towards unbelievers, while remaining true to the Scriptures in order to proclaim the Truth. Bobby McCreery of To the End of the Earth Ministries preaching in Trafalgar Square, London. Please support this ministry by going to http://totheendoftheearth.org/partner. Video courtesy of Cross Encounters Ministries … [Read more…]

You’re Pushing People Away From Jesus With Your Bold & Constant Evangelism (A Response) – Pastor Geoffrey Kirkland

Pastor Geoffrey Kirkland of Christ Fellowship Bible Church in St. Louis, MO, has written a useful and scriptural response to those who content that intentional evangelism “pushes people away” from Jesus. One of his first reminders is this: Dead sinners can never be pushed further away from their already existing state of being enemies of … [Read more…]