Increasing Ministry Activity

Before the Lord sidelined me with an infection in my foot that ultimately resulted in my right leg being amputated below the knee, I had been praying about becoming involved in evangelism ministry on a more regular basis. The result of that prayer was the birthing of SonLife Ministries. As some of you already know, most of my Friday nights were spent in downtown Athens, GA, with other brothers and sisters in Christ sharing the gospel with college students and the locals. I was also engaged in regular abortion ministry work with my wife and sons at our local Planned Parenthood murder mill, attended multiple Super Bowl Outreach events with hundreds of other evangelists from across the nation (and some parts of the world) and participated in other evangelism activities.

As I get closer to finally getting my prosthetic and walking again, I am also looking forward to getting back out on the streets to once again engage in frequent evangelism ministry. I have been praying about the Lord giving me the opportunity, if it’s His will, to decrease the amount of “secular” work that I do, while increasing the number of days I can go out during the week and do this. It would not only include our regular Athens and abortion ministry, but I am also hoping to continue my annual trips to the Super Bowl with Sports Fan Outreach International, local and regional evangelism, some college campus ministry and other yet-to-be-determined opportunities.

Naturally, this type of ministry requires support on more than one level, the top two being prayer and financial. Right now, our goal is to raise enough financial support to do this on a “part time” basis, if you will, although evangelism is a duty, command and privilege that requires us to always be prepared! If the day comes when the Lord opens the door for full time evangelism ministry, we would certainly be excited about that! This is ministry work that my wife and two sons have been, and continue to be involved in.

So we are looking for brothers and sisters in Christ who not only understand why the preaching of the gospel to the lost is necessary, but who can also “hold the rope” so this type of ministry can be done. Would you consider praying about whether you are able to be a part of this financially? If not, we ask that you would keep this ministry in your prayers. Our immediate goal is to raise about $1800 per month; if one could commit to $50-$100 per month, that would be ideal, but really, any amount helps. SonLife Ministries is also set up under the umbrella of a non-profit 501c3 ministry (The Ministry of Unification/Revival USA), so any contributions would be tax deductible, if you elected to go that route.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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