What Time is Purple?

Wretched will send you up to 20 copies of this little booklet for free (just pay shipping). Great to give to the lost. The subject matter: What is truth? From the book: …For many atheists there’s a[n] unsettling issue that makes coming to biblical theism the most difficult transition of all—namely, the sudden realization that … [Read more…]

Don’t Stub Your Toe

Wretched has produced a booklet (written by Todd Friel) called “Don’t Stub Your Toe.” From the description: The Easy Way to Share the Gospel Evangelism is scary.  Even Paul came to the Corinthians with fear and trembling.  Paul also asked for prayer that he might have the courage to speak as he ought.  Paul should … [Read more…]

The Gospel of Jesus Christ – HeartCry Missionary Society Tract

HeartCry Missionary Society has a wonderful gospel tract that is loaded with Scripture. The tract features many different Bible verses dealing with the holiness and justice of God, the depravity and condemnation of man, and what God did to reconcile these things so that His people may be saved. The tract can be downloaded in … [Read more…]